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Who We Are

Joe Rubin - Group Leader

Associate Professor - Veterinary Microbiology

DVM, University of Saskatchewan

Ph.D. (Bacteriology), University of Saskatchewan

Postdoc (Swine infectious diseases), University of Saskatchewan

Postdoc (Broad spectrum β-lactamases), Calgary Laboratory Services

I am a veterinarian and microbiologist proud to lead a great research group dedicated to exploring the world of antimicrobial resistance. I completed my DVM at the University of Saskatchewan, and am a proud member of the WCVM class of 2007. Following vet school, I did my Ph.D. in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology working on methicillin resistant staphylococci in dogs and people. I began my faculty appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology in 2012. Since July 1, 2018 I have been an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department Graduate program.


Michelle Sniatynski - Laboratory Manager/Tech

Research Technican and Laboratory Manager

Michelle received her undergraduate degree from Trent University in Forensic Science (2010), and an advanced Biotechnology diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2013. She completed an externship at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO-InterVac) in vaccine creation using isolated proteins from bacteria. From there, she worked at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) for two years in livestock and agricultural genetics, mass production of bacterial vaccinations and environmental organic chemistry laboratories. Since joining the Rubin laboratory as lab manager in the fall of 2014, Michelle’s focus has been assisting graduate student programs and various research projects, such as antimicrobial resistance surveillance in wild birds, canine UTIs, muskox and caribou.


Graduate Students

Olivier Campbell
Roshan Priyantha

PhD Student

Ruwini Gamage

PhD Student

Kazal Ghosh

MSc Student

Visit Kazal's homepage here

Beverly Morrison

DVM - MSc Student

Rachel Courtice
Dongyun Jung

DVM - MSc Student

MVSc Student

Co-Supervised with Dr. Jerome Gagnon

MSc Student

Olivier Campbell

Summer Students

Yenuki Rajapaksha

The Lab Group

Hall of Fame

Valerie Baede

Summer Student, 2015

Megan McCallum

Summer Student and MPH Practicum Student 2014-2015

Cherise Hedlin

Research Technician


Samantha Ekanayake

Research Technician 2014

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