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TheRubinLab Welcomes Dongyun Jung to the Team!

A warm welcome to Dongyun Jung who has just arrived at the U of S to begin his studies! Dongyun earned his Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology at Chungnam National University in Daejeon, South Korea in 2016. He has worked as an undergraduate research assistant and done the research, identifying antimicrobial activities of novel antimicrobial agents against foodborne bacterial pathogens during his Bachelor’s studies. He was also an exchange student in Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Now, he is joining TheRubinLab as a Master’s degree student and will work on identifying antimicrobial resistant pathogens from imported foods in Canada.

In Rubin lab style, we celebrated Dongyun’s arrival with lunch at the University Club where we assured him that although it’s cold in January, summer is Saskatoon is lovely! Welcome to TheRubinLab family.

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