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Successful MSc Defense: Dongyun Jung - Student to Alumni...

Congratulations to Dongyun Jung for defending his MSc! Dongyun joined theRubinlab back in January, 2017 and has been exceptionally productive over the last two years.

Dongyun’s thesis focused on describing the presence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in imported plant-based foods (vegetables and spices). In addition to his research, Dongyun has also honed his talents as an "agar artist", making some incredible creations and entering national and international competitions.

Thank you very much to Dongyun’s committee members Drs. Sheryl Gow and Volker Gerdts and Dr. Joe Blondeau from the Royal University Hospital for serving as external examiner.

We wish Dongyun success as he moved on to do a PhD in the lab of Dr. Jennifer Ronholm at McGill in Montreal, Quebec.

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