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Dongyun's Research Highlighted in Star Phoenix

Rubin lab celebration in honour of Dongyun's move to McGill

In today's issue of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Drongyun Jung's (recent Rubin lab MSc graduate) research was highlighted in an article in the Young Innovator series. Dongyun's work focused on the presence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in imported plant based food products, and he made some interesting discoveries! Check out the article here, to read more.

After doing completing his MSc in Veterinary Microbiology, Dongyun has continued with his academic journey and will be starting a PhD at McGill under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Ronholm. It was a pleasure having Dongyun as part of our group and we wish him all the best! Picture above is the celebration of Dongyun's successes May 2019.

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