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Bonus Marks for a Song: Class of 2020 Edition

The final day of VTMC347 is bittersweet

Well I think it’s safe to say, bonus marks for a song is officially an annual tradition for the 2nd year VTMC 347 class (Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology). As per last year, the mission was to re-write a song to have microbiology related lyrics and either perform it live, or post it on YouTube for a 2% bonus on the final grade. If you were to ask yourself “what can I find at the nexus of pop-culture, kids songs, Disney princesses, cute animals, live music and of course zoonoses?” the answer would be this year’s creative endeavours. Thanks to the class of 2020 for a getting excited about a fun term of science, super bugs and more than a few gross microbiology factoids – Michelle and I had a great time guiding the class on a journey of tiny little discoveries.

"Let it Grow" - Listeria meets Frozen "Listeria" - a melange

"Call CFIA" - Snoop meets level 3 pathogens "Hey Joe" - the Beatles re-imagined

"Psitta-what?" - Blue synth-zoonoses "Zoonoses" - A Moana tribute

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