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CACMID 2018 Kicks off Conference Season

Last week Yenuki Rajapaksha (Rubin lab summer student alumni, and future dentistry student), had the opportunity to attend the annual CACMID conference in Vancouver. CACMID (Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) is always a great opportunity to interact with physicians, diagnostic microbiologists and infectious disease specialists and learn about the latest advances in human infectious diseases. This year we presented the results of two collaborative studies describing the susceptibility of E. coli isolated from dogs presenting to the WCVM oncology service, and crows presenting to the WCVM wildlife and exotic animal medicine service. Thanks to our collaborators (Drs. Valerie MacDonald-Dickinson – oncology and Dennilyn Parker – exotics) for providing clinical expertise and helping to bring these studies to life! Stay tuned for the papers describing each investigation.

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