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Superbugs in canine urine?

Broth micro-dilution plate (Sensititre) for antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Congratulations to Rachel on her first paper! Her brief communication entitled: "Antimicrobial resistance and beta-lactamase production of Escherichia coli causing canine urinary tract infections: Passive surveillance of laboratory isolates in Saskatoon, Canada, 2014" describes her work as a summer student in 2014. You can find her paper here. In this investigation Rachel found that resistance among E. coli isolated from canine urinary tract infections was not common; nearly 80% of isolates tested were susceptible to all drugs tested! Rachel is continuing to monitor and test the antimicrobial susceptibility of canine urinary E. coli isolates and has generated some really interesting data showing that resistance has subsequently emerged. Stay tuned for more data from Rachel.

Thanks to Zoetis Canada for supporting this investigation, and Prairie Diagnostic Services for sharing their diagnostic isolates.

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